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Labyrinth Necklace

Cheeky Trendy

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Labyrinth Necklace - cheeky-trendy
Labyrinth Necklace - cheeky-trendy
Labyrinth Necklace

"You remind me of the babe"

For wizards and Witches alike, this magic orb will look great hanging on your neck. Made from multi-layer acrylic and partially decorated with highly dense gltter, this magically themed necklace is a great pick for an alternative look. This necklace hangs in the center of the chest but can be raised by loop the necklace.

  • Lightweight Materials
  • Metal Chain
  • Intense Glitter Effect
  • Fun, Clear Theme
  • Statement Necklace

Most of our acrylic products come with a plastic protective layer. Please remove this once you receive your product!

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